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We specialize in providing wholesale frozen goods in Mozambique. Our products are carefully selected for their quality and nutritional value, and we offer a wide range of options to suit any need or taste.


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As a committed importer of nutritious and affordable chicken pieces such as wings, feet, tails, turkey drumsticks, and carapau, we are solidifying our position as a distinguished wholesale trader in Mozambique. Our unwavering commitment to excellence, sustainability, and community development has contributed significantly to the overall well-being of the local population. We are confident that our dedication to exceptional products and services will continue to drive our success and growth in the region.

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Package: 10KG x 3

Size: 14M to 25+

Source: Namibia/Capetown

Minimum order: 25 Tons

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Chicken Pieces

Pieces: Wings, Feet, Breast and Tails

Package: 10KG

Source: EU/Brazil

Minimum order: 25 Tons

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Turkey Drumsticks

Package: 10KG

Type: Male and Female

Source: EU/Brazil

Minimum Order: 25 Tons

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Brainstorm Capital Lda., shortened as BRAITAL, created in 2021, is a prominent wholesale trading company, operating in Mozambique. We specialize in sourcing and delivering quality goods to deserving destinations, and are committed to establishing ourselves as a leading Pan African trading entity.

Our team comprises highly skilled professionals with diverse backgrounds formation, including India, Brazil, South Africa, and Namibia. We strive to be recognized as a top-tier SADC corporation in our industry.

At BRAITAL, we remain steadfast in our core mission to deliver top-notch trading services to our clients. Our unwavering commitment to excellence, integrity, and innovation is what sets us apart in the marketplace. We look forward to working with you, and are confident that our expertise and experience will provide you with the high-quality trading solutions you deserve.